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Not Quite A Yes, lyric by Arab Strap

from the songs album Philophobia

Why could i not speak? you're not so unique. my eyes stayed on the floor.
I make a little suggestion, before i pop the question. but i was far too out my face.
I was out my face.

"it's the first time in ages i've actually had the guts to ask, but i'm feeling particularly confident tonight, if you know what i mean. but that's the thing - you don't know what i mean. t
Ason i fancy you in the first place is is the same reason we won't get on, you're just not into it. i mean, you're cute and you're innocent and you're nice and all that, but you barely even drin

No meeting was i granted. but now the seed's been planted. and now you're in the know.
Too steaming too impress. not a know, not quite a yes.
You ask if that's okay. i suppose it's okay.

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