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Quality or Quantity, lyric by Bad Religion

from the songs album Against The Grain

Offer me eternity, and I'll trade a cup of coffee and a time,
Looking for a handout on behalf of those who have so little time,

But who wants to live on just 70 cents a day?
Padding your pockets doesn't make this a better place,
'Cereal and water' is a feast for some you say,
Your price-tag on existence can't cover your double face,

Quality or quantity (x3) a choice you have to make,

Dipping in the icing, bringing home the largest turkey from the field,
Breaking all the piggy banks, scooping up the booty,
licking all the right holes, bolstering the payroll,

Why reduce life to a dollar amount per day?
And why let the world think this is the American way?
Your uneaten greens are a feast for some you say,
Survival and living are concepts you can't equate,

Quality or quantity (x3) don't tell me they're the same,
Quality or quantity (x3) a choice you have to make,

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