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Quality & The Bushmen Off The Top, lyric by Beatnuts, The

from the songs album Intoxicated Demons

(check me out now)
From girlies now to havin niggaz on my dick
Cause i like to flip the script
Ya know, i come fat with the rhymes
And if you want a beat call me at nines
Call me at night and i'll be fuckin your bitch (haha)
You know it i won't switch
Aiyyo rob, what's up with pete?
When nigga's not in the studio, where's his feet? (haha)
So check it out, got them feets at home
Yeah, as we continue, with the freestyle, kinda like this
Ya step up, motherfuckers need to get dissed
Step back, and don't fuck around with the track
The beatnuts is fat, and yes we all that
Big kahuna, cockin from the bush
Fuck around, and get pushed off the cliff (yeah)
With the fat spliff (yeah, q flowin)
Uhh, check it out (q flowin)
Word up it's just a fat little interlude...

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