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Old Church Hymns And Nursery Rhymes, lyric by Beth Nielsen Chapman

from the songs album unknown

Blow on you restless wind, up to your old tricks again
Bear down you texas sun, you make the desserts dry and the brush fires run
Splintered wood rusty chains, this old front porch swing remains
A pendulum of memories, goes back and forth on a summer breeze

Singing old church hymns and nursery rhymes
From the days way back before my time
With a little child upon my knee
Singing every sweet word back to me
Look how far i had to come
To get back where i started from
With a child's wisdom passin' time
Singing old church hymns and nursery rhymes

I've run the race i've walked the wire, i paid the price of my desire
And the only time i've known it all, is just before i took a fall
So howl your lone coyote song, fade to sapphire sky of dawn
Count me in the lucky men, to send the world around again


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