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G.o.d., lyric by Billy Squier

from the songs album Hear & Now

I been searchin' for so long
For a love to fill my life--soldier me on
Feel the hunger in my blood
As i walk into the fire i can't get enough
Where, oh where can i find you

I have seen you and called your name
Walked the streets of my life in vain
Seen the idols with feet of clay
Pull me closer--push me away
Where, oh where can i find you
Where, oh where

Times have taught me to use my time
Journey's end is an endless climb
...when to follow and when to lead...
When to know just what i need

Where you gone g.o.d.
Have you gone down on me--don'tcha do
I ain't ready for no second-hand love
I'm no stranger to this loneliness

Leave me lonely--leave me lost
Leave me nothin' but myself to carry the cost
Now the only, only reason to come to you again
You gotta fight to win your freedom--lose your chains

Love's illusions ring all too clear
Cross my mind when i hold you near
Know your pleasure--you leave me cold
Lonely nights with my thoughts untold
Where, oh where can i find you
Where, do ya care

I don't care what the price may be
'down' is right when you're down with me
Can you tell me--am i to blame
Sing my song to your heart's refrain

Where ya gone g.o.d.
Have you run out on me-don'tcha do
All you give me is second-hand love
All i wanna do is get on down with you

All i ask for and all i pray
Meet you down on the streets one day
Have you taste life from on your knees
Hear me callin' ya 'help me, please'

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