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Ninja Hi Skool, lyric by Bis

from the songs album Intendo

You wanna slogan?
Eat my insurrection
You wanna slogan?
Sugar-pop confection
You wanna slogan?
I'm yr riot girlboyfriend
You wanna slogan?
The fibretip is our weapon
Yeah its yr lesson
The teen-c kids in the hall
We scrawl on walls
And we adore yr dension
Yeah, yeah, false transmission
Ink-mark yr heart
With precision

It's cool, it's cool, it's cool cool cool
It's cool cool cool for you
Ninja hi skool!

You wanna slogan?
We don't need yr lectures
You wanna slogan?
Make our own conjectures
You wanna slogan?
We don't need no teachers
You wanna slogan?
No ugly creature-features
Graffiti'd skin tastes better
Yeah it says in our letter
And we go straight to yr neck
Yeah we love to infect
And pen just sticks to yr throat
But chalk will stick to yr coat
Ink-pen's our closest friend

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