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Goodnight Marielin ("with Love For Marielin"), lyric by Blue System

from the songs album Ten-x

I know it hurts to be alone
Silence of tears are living in your home
Sleep safe tonight my careless love
I will steal the stars above
Oh when you smile, i'm smiling too
I promised you your dreams will come true
Sleep safe tonight soon i'll be there
You're my princess - my solitaire

Goodnight marielin
It's time to go to bed - it seems
I will dim the lights for you
And hope your biggest dreams come true
Goodnight marielin
I promised you the sweetest dream
All the teddies say goodnight
And your daddy holds you tight

I know it hurts the night is dark
And i swear - you're always in my heart
I give my life and you will see
If someone hurts you - it's hurting me
I'll give you all the air i breathe
I'll pray to god - i'm falling on my knees
Keep care my god - always be there
If she needs you - oh god keep care

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