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Dreaming, lyric by 98 Degrees

from the songs album 98 Degrees

Chorus 1:
Dreaming of you
Dreaming every day and
every night of my life
But someone else is holding you tight
So I'll see you in my dreams girl

Have you ever wanted someone so bad
That you really didn't care if they had
Any idea how you feel
('cause your dreams are so real)

Chorus 2:
Please help me
(to understand this feeling)
I'm dreaming (your body so appealing)
You're committed to someone else
But here in my mind, I have you all to myself

(Chorus 1)

I know how your lips taste
and feel though
I've never kissed them for real
so I find myself drifted away
(to my secret place)

(Chorus 2)
(Chorus 1 - twice)

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord, your in my dreams
But you're committed, to someone else
But here in my mind
I have you all to myself

(Chorus 1 - fade out)

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