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Everybody Knows, lyric by Westlife

from the songs album Swear It Again EP

It's never to hard to find the words
The words to say to you
You make it easy just to talk
The way we talk tings through
You're never too tired to care
You're never too busy to just be there
And when I smile my feelings show
Sd everybody, everybody knows

Everybody knows this love's for sure
There's no searching anymore
No-one ever doubts you're mine I'm yours
It's the one thing that's for sure
And everyone we knoe says all the time
They wish they had a love like yours and mine
And everybody knows

Even people in love says I'm a fool
For loving you too much
But we were the exceptions to the rule
For the us it's not enough
They used to say we're out of touch
Now everybody wants to be like us
Not afraid to let it show
So everybody, everybody knows


Like yours and mine
That bridges all divides
A love to conquer
When everybody knows

Chorus to fade

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