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Raincoat And A Rose, lyric by Chris Rea

from the songs album unknown

Rain, tears of joy, tears of pain
Is this really me
Standing here at the station
The card said i mustn't be late
I've never been late
I've never really had the chance
Years and years and not even wanting a second chance
'look for a raincoat and a rose'

I hope no one sees, they'll laugh i know
He was always like that, yes it always showed
Did i do something wrong to have to pay
In many more ways than one
Rainy day, what do i say
How simple it's all become

Love is for fools and fools have no grace
Damn them while you can
Out here on the fence is such a lonely place
I wish i was foolish now
The greatest of pain is never really knowing
Maybe today i'll find out this way
The way that i'm going

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