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'cos I Love That Rock'n'roll, lyric by Cliff Richard

from the songs album unknown

Where has all that rock'n'roll gone
Oh won't somebody tell me where?
'cos it used to be when i was young
That you could hear them playing it everywhere
But now it seems they're all so hooked on fashion
The music's taken second place
Everyone it seems has one obsession
To beat the others in the race
And it just don't feel right to me
No no it just don't feel right to me

'cos i love that rock'n'roll too much
And i don't wanna see it ever waving goodbye
Yeah i love that rock'n'roll too too much
And i couldn't bear to see it go by
Rock'n'roll you're too much to deny

Oh where has all that music gone
There must be some mistake
From something that was so much fun
They were burning bridges in their wake
O.k. everything has got to keep changing
I know it has to be that way
But isn't it too high a price we're paying
We're losing most of yesterday
And it just don't feel right to me

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