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Higher, lyric by D'angelo

from the songs album Brown Sugar

1st verse

Feels like heaven when i think about you
Sparking that love within my soul
And when i touch u, i can't describe it
Send chills, down my bonz

1st bridge

Wit god as my witness and watching over
We'll write our love in the stone
Please give us strength lord to fight our battles
And we can walk on the streets of gold


Cause you take me higher, than i've ever, ever know
Give me good feeling, like a king and queen on a throne
Cause you take me higher, further than the sky above
Send me in ecstasy baby, with you love

2nd verse

Tell me what you're thinking of, must thinking of love
Put your hands into mine and then we'll take off to the sky above
Soft like an angel, like the feathers laying on a dove
Touch me with your soul love, till i lose control

2nd bridge

Just like an angel watching over me
(u protect me from my fears)
I once was blind, but now i see
(ever since the day u appeared)
I just wanna say
I want u in my life
Till the day i die baby


Look in my eyes,
Tell me right now,
That u and your love
Will 4-ever take me higher

Repeat 1st bridge

Repeat chorus

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