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Reconcile Our Differences, lyric by Dave Matthews

from the songs album unknown

oh my dear
When i was dreaming
I wish you would take your lies elsewhere
Don't give them to me

Oh my friend
Old as you are
How could i trust you so far
As i could throw your brother?

As to you my love
My precious baby
If i die be sure that you meet me up
Where i can stay with you

Take my flesh
And eat it down
Drink my blood for every pound you can brother

To drink his wine
God forgive him
Your falling angels doing fine
He's got you under boards

Oh then god
This dream may be done
And he had given rise to him what we would care

If there were no judas
Or there were no devil
Where would god and this little boy be now?
No where i swear

Oh it's said
When it seems extreme
When all we do is reconcile our differences here

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