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Give It Up (Interlude), lyric by 98 Degrees

from the songs album 98 Degrees And Rising

Hey, yeah
Now here's the story
One we both know
About two people
When they lost their self control
If we're not careful
It might be you and me
When things are good
You gotta let them be
Oh, why you wanna play me around
Why you wanna mess with this love that we've found
Why you wanna tear us apart
If you're trying to break my heart
You better give it up, give it up
'Cause I'm not gonna take anymore
Yeah, my heart has made mistakes like this before
If you don't start treating me right
I'm gonna give it up, give it up, give it up
Starting with tonight, yeah
Oh, Oh baby, Oh yeah
Starting with tonight, I'm gonna make it right
Oh, Oh yeah
So why you wanna play me
Play me around,
Oh baby
Calm down

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