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Dirty Noise, lyric by Dead Moon

from the songs album unknown

Inner city rumble
Guitar-soundin' trash
May not be in rolling stone
But we know where it's at
Long-haired kids in torn jeans
Call this out of control
Napalm beach is the nail in the coffin
And they're drivin' it into your soul
Ah, dirty noise

Critics call it anger
Some say it's deranged
But it's the sound, the sound of the great northwest
It's gonna eat away your brain
Ah, dirty noise

Downstairs in the basement
Underground parking garage
The microphones keep feeding back
'cause a poison idea's been launched
Might be tad, nirvana, soundgarden or calamity jane
Pearl jam, the gits, mudhoney, m99, and sage

Got it in seattle, bellingham, and eugene
They got it in portland, olympia, and tacoma
And all points in between
Amplifiers blarin', it must be monomen
Marble orchard,oblivian seekers, the flapjacks, or the kingsmen

Yeah, like the wailers, the sonics, the gories, beat happening,
Fastbacks, treehouse, hitting birth, worried guys, the weeds,
Alice in chains, paul revere & the raiders, daily flash,

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