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God Only Knows, lyric by Des'ree

from the songs album Supernatural

I'm the keeper of your funny jokes
Sit beside me, make me laugh some more, yeah
We're all looking for a savior, i can see one,
Coming through the door.

To the light are you a follower
For the truth and for the destiny
This long night has lasted forever
How do we get to there? god only knows!

In the darkness, he sits shedding skins
How did it happen? he doesn't know
Was it karme, stuff and baggage
From another life? why did it take her?
Why did she have to go? oh, ooh!


There i go thinking again (x3)
Thinking again.

Where are you going? are you having fun?
What's the lesson? what we got to learn?
Can't be right, 'cos i'm a dancer.
I wrote the scripts and i know how it goes.

Chorus x2

Thinking, there i go again,
Thinking, i go thinking,
Thinking, there i go again.
( repeat to fade)

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