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Ground Breaking, lyric by Swollen Members

from the songs album Balance

Mental, torture chamber magnificent structure
Swollen sculp dust surfing senses danger
Spark this bats dangle in darkness
Crept beneath the depth of the swamp I'm the lochness
Chop this one up on the board for the young lord
Beats and lyrics matchhouse matches your spirit
And rips your heart through your body
and puts it next to your ear so you can hear it
Local vocal viking no striking resemblance
No gimmicks of emblem
Assemble my ensemble
Caught upon the problem
Hunger still fierce stomach still grumbles
Still pounding the pavement watch concrete crumble....
This is an undeground invasion
Busting out from underneath just to rise to this occasion
And sneak through Swollen Members freaks you with E.Q.
Putting in work and I got lots of girls to speak to
Anger and passion permanent temper tantrum
S & M rocks the spot that's the anthem
Supposed to fall back into depression but i can't-um
Having a ball dance with this handsome phantom
Tongues of labyrinth, shaping and molding
I'm whipping up a little something in a witches cauldron
Dreams are made of this warlocks potent potion
Unleash the savage beast, dangerous devotion

I see you grinding to a halt
Do I remind you of blistering nitroglycerine rhyme assault?
Vails venomous radio occult
A commision of ?exactoplay? spitting indults
Nice to make your acquantaince sorry I beat you to a pulp
A more relationship to dope shit but now it'll be pretty obvious
My voice is the last thing you hear, before you slip into unconsciousness
I promise, this will be a trip you'll never unclip
Unless you feel the hammer paste strip straight through your lip
I love to grip a strip off my sworn opposites
Swarmith the unit of hornets who love to sting shit
Bring me my mic case I wanna slice 'em to bits
Start at the body dicing 'em open and stroll his dip
Alarm trip, someone skip the trip wire
Skip with barbed wire ruler hanger wire empire
Hey driver, any survivors?, anyone liver?
Anybody in the line of fire?
Anybody ever been bloody by somebody everybody thought was a supplier?
I spent years under my golden voice of fire....
We busting out from underneath

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