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Girlfixer, lyric by Distillers, The

from the songs album The Distillers

no more coquettish look on your face
not so much pretty ugly but youre in your place
hide behind your man dont dare to think for you
keep your claws off me as i walk on through, dont you glare
im not the kind of girl who will just pull on your hair
i wont be through til youre blue

damn man come on and sell your seconds
no one can make ya make ya break ya
anyway i will break ya, theyll crown me

never used to harm noone no matter what the reason
now you drug your grave and its bitch hunting season
smiling madly honey when i see you
around biding my time till i can get you on the ground
its not my plan to steal your man
its a pitiful sight thats hard to stand
i guess i dont get a clue
so just step your ass aside
and let me walk on fucking through

damn man come on and sell your second
no one can make you do anything
anyway anyway ill make you theyll crown me

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