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Green-eyed Boy, lyric by Dolly Parton

from the songs album Something Special

I flew off to the wild blue yonder
'cause i had a dream
And i had to go
But i'm filled with a sense of wonder
From the love i shared
With a green-eyed boy
Lips as sweet as mountain honey
A body warm as home made wine
But he had no dreams
And no means for money
But he had me just anytime


Take me back, if just in memory
Fill my cup again with joy
The fire still burns in the old rock chimney
And i still burn for that green-eyed boy

Now he was pretty
With chiseled features
Like the movie stars in the magazines
My first love and the son of a preacher
I fantasized me was james dean

But the world outside kept pulling at me
Offered me fame, respect, and gold
Designer clothes and a fancy mansion
Expensive cars, so i chose those

Repeat chorus twice

Ooh, ooh, how i love that green-eyed boy
Ooh, ooh, ooh, and i still miss
That green-eyed boy


Do you think about me
When the nights are long and cold
Do you ever miss me
Do you my green-eyed boy

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