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Rust, lyric by Echo & The Bunnymen

from the songs album What Are You Going To Do With Your Life

I wish that you were here
Down amongst the dust
I need someone to help me
Yeah i need something in these tears
Turning me to rust
I need someone to help me
Yeah i need someone to touch

Give me one more try
And i'll come flaking back to you
I wish that you were here
I wish that it was true

I can feel the stars shooting through my heart like rain
Leaving all the scars where the pleasure turns to pain
Point me in the light of a bright
And shining new direction
And then take me home again

Just when you thing it's over
Just when you think it's done
Out of every nowhere
You never see it come
I know the lines are showing
I can't keep them in
Like everybody's story
It's written on the skin

Give me one last try
And i'll make it up to you
Wish that you were here
Wish that i was true

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