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Voices, lyric by Electric Light Orchestra

from the songs album Moment Of Truth

World's going through some changes
I see so many things that
I don't understand

And people - have got to feel the power
We got to take our lives back
Into our own hands

This is no time for silence
We got to be stronger
We can't live with the violence
We can't live with the fear

Voices - i wanna hear them calling
From the highest mountain
Over land and sea
Voices - i wanna hear them calling
Hear the sound of freedom
Calling out to me

Life - just turns in a circle
If we look for solutions
In the mistakes of the past

And now - we got to look to the future
We got to find the answers
We got to find them fast

So put the wheels in motion
If you wanna make changes
Out across the ocean
Let your words ring out


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