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's Fagaim Mo Bhaile (and I Leave My Home), lyric by Enya

from the songs album unknown

Maidin is t?s an lae
Is f?gaim mo bhaile
T? mo chro?se go br?n
Is fad ar shi?l m'?ige
O?che is m? liom f?in
Sp?artha dubh go domhain, a cho?ch
Ag cuimhneach ar laethanta a bh?
Gan gh? agus gan ghruaim
Eistim leis an ghaoth
Uaigneas m?r, go deo, a cho?ch

Deireadh an turas m?r
T?im br?nach, buartha 's briste
I mo dhiaidh nach mbeidh n?os m?
Ach, t? s? i nd?n d?inn, a ph?ist?
Is fada anois an l?
A d'fh?g m? mo bhaile
N?l ?thas i mo chro?
N?l ann ach an marbh.

And i leave my home

Morning and the day's beginning
And i leave my home
My heart is breaking
My youth is long past
Night and i am alone
Endless deep black skies
Remembering days that were
Without want and without gloom
I listen to the wind
Endless great loneliness forever

The end of the long journey
I am sad, sorrowful, broken
After me there will be no more (of my kind)
But children, it is our destiny

The day is long past
When i left my home
There is no hope in my heart
There is only death )

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