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Kicker Conspiracy, lyric by Fall, The

from the songs album unknown

Kicker, kicker conspiracy. kicker, kicker conspiracy.
J. hill's** satanic reign.
Ass-lickers king o'team.
Kicker, kicker conspiracy x 2.

In the marble halls of the charm school.
How flair is punished.
Under marble millichip***, the fa. broods.
On how flair can be punished.
They're guest is a euro-state magnate.
How flair is punished.

K.k.c. x4.

In the booze club, george best**** does rule.
How flair is punished.
His downfall was a blonde girl, but that's none of your business!
K. k. c. x 4

Former fan at the bus stop.
Treads on the ball at his feet, in the christmas rush.
And in his hands, two lager cans.
Talks to himself. at the back. at the top.

What are the implications of the club unit?
Plastic, slime, partitions, cocktail, zig-zag, tudor bar.

Pat mcgatt. pat mcgatt, the very famous sports reporter is

Fans! ! ! "remember, you are abroad!
Remember the police are rough!
Remember the unemployed!
Remember my expense account!

Hot dogs and seat for mr. hogg !!
Hot dogs and seat for mr. hogg!!!
Aaaaaannnnddd his grottyspawn! ! ! !

Lurid brochures for ground unit.
Our style is punished.

K. k. c. x 5
Remember! don't collect with the rough.
K. k. c. x 1

Kicker, lets swell the facilities.

Kicker conspiracy times eight.

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