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13th Century Boy, lyric by Fatima Mansions, The

from the songs album Come Back My Children

Let the dark ages begin...now!

You don't live the way you should
You're not chaste or wise or good
Oh no, when you're human
I wait for you, my queen
I keep myself ready clean like my maker--against nature
I needn't worry about all the wars out there
The price of fish and all the ineffective hygiene

You are the reason why i've reached perfection
You are the reason why i try to tend this fertile void
I'm a 13th century boy

These are heroic times
So thumb your nose at years gone by
Be hardened...we're a legend
Now love keeps the country green
I know because i've seen the pictures
In this week's scriptures

All i know is that i feel you coming near
All you need know is that your [prophet elector] is waiting--chorus

You are the reason why i live forever
You are the reason why i learned to love the void
Oh, i'm a 13th century boy
Oh, i'm a new dark ages boy
I'm a 13th century boy

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