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Descend, lyric by Feeder

from the songs album Polythene

Sitting back i only wish
Today will turn out fine
And wash away the stain
The poison in my eyes
What do you recommend?
I feel my life descending
I'm falling out of reach
Catch me as i bleed (again)

I"m not insane
Can't reach the pain

If i could be all by myself
I could be me
If you could see, live with my pain
The thoughts that i keep

I hate the way they are
Their patronising thoughts
Tried to get inside my head
Ask the question i have read
But one thing makes it hard
Feel so fragile as i cry
So confused yet so alive
So abused the system lied
You lied to me

I'm not insane
Can't reach the pain


Alone ....alone

Hands appeared around my neck
Felt so hard to breathe i stared
As my focus turned to haze
I could see them

I'm not insane
Can't stand the pain


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