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Kicked Around, lyric by Grace Jones

from the songs album Bulletproof Heart

I've been pulled to pieces, i've got an arm over here,
I've got a leg over there, i've got my ass somewhere upside down,
But i'm back, i'm here to tell you i'm back, better than before,
Can't keep a good thing down, uh-uh.

Well i've been kicked around, never thought that i could fall,
Thought that i was standing tall, turned out i was the ball,
And you know what, and i, and i, and i've been kicked around,
Baby after all, i took all the shots you called,
Turned out i was the ball, you kicked you pushed.

And i've been kicked around, and i've been upside down,
Oh i've been bounced around, kicked around,
I'm gonna get you, get you, your very momma will regret you,
I'm going to stomp and drag you to your knees,
Your very papa will forget you, kicked around.

Oh i, oh i, oh i've been bounced around,
Let me tell you, i'm here to tell you,
You can get up, you can put all the pieces back together,
Yeah, don't let him stomp on you baby, get up now!
I said you made me feel so small, bouncing me against the wall,
Just like i was the ball, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Oh i, oh i, oh i, oh i've been kicked around,
Now look at me baby, (trips alone) paved the memories you gave me,
My eyes are open, eyes are open, now i can see,
You're nothing but a bad, bad memory,
I'm all together now, all together now,
I'm the biggest ball you ever did see, i'm gonna roll on you,
I'm gonna fall on you, i'm gonna stomp on you,
I'm gonna punch on you, i'm gonna choke on you,
I'm gonna rip you, drag you to your knees,
Your very papa will regret you!

No need to come begging to me, my heart is deaf to your plea,
The hurt you have planted has grown much in me,
I'm gonna lie to you, get away from me!
Oh i, oh i, oh i, oh i've been kicked around,
And i've been upside down, been kicked around,
Yeah, here i am, i'm back, i'm all together,
Can't keep a good woman down, i'm big and tall,
Listen to me, just listen to me, just look at me,
I'm back, here i am, hear me coming....

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