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V.i.p., lyric by Guided By Voices

from the songs album unknown

like micheal jordan i'm back one more time
It's vip boys and you know we go shine
So all you haters do what ya can
Cause tootie in this thang and i know i'm tha man
So man hold up you need to shut yo trap
I'm go let you know you might get tap
I'm not beltway 8 but i still got flow
I'm go use my remote and pop open my door
Crank up my car neon glow
Brother name trawn swang through tawian
Vip we have fun
Let me pull out the tummergun
Turn around the boppers start to run
Noall don't catchem they don't need to be save
We go wait till they come back and use em for a slave
My mostach grown outa control i need to go shave
I go to the vip room boppers holla hay
Let them know west side where i stay
I'm running out of time so i'll see ya another

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