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Quit Your Low Down Ways, lyric by Hollies

from the songs album Hollies Sing Dylan

Oh you can read out of your bible
You can fall down on your knees
Pretty mama, and pray to the lord
But it ain't gonna do you no good

You're gonna need
You're gonna need my help someday
Well, if you can't quit your sinnin'
Please quit your lowdown ways

Well you can run down to the white house
You can gaze at the capitol dome
Pretty mama, you can pound on the president's gate
It'll do you no good


Well you can run down to the desert
Throw yourself on the burnin sand
You can raise up your right hand pretty mama
But you better understand


You can hitch hike on the highways
You can stand alone by the side of the road
You can try to ??? a ride back home pretty mama
But you can't ride in my car


Verse 1


Quit your lowdown ways

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