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Keep The Fires Burning, lyric by Incognito

from the songs album Positivity

(j.p. maunick/r. hayden)

(we got to keep the fire)
(we got to keep the fires burning)

When you find
You're all alone
And the walls come closing in
No place to run
And no one there to turn to
Now your options running thin

Don't be afraid to step into the darkness
Reach out for the flame within
From ancient times
A lesson given to you
Never give up until you win (hey)

(we got to keep the fires burning)
(a flame so bright to show the way)
Oh, come on people sing
We got to keep the fires burnin'
That/god? leads us to a better day (yeah)

Look to the light
Children of the future
We'll guide you through the stormy sea
But keep an eye for hiding in the shadows
Are those who stopped you bein' free


Repeat (fade)

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