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Ninja, lyric by Insane Clown Posse

from the songs album Tunnel Of Love

"eh, yo, j, man, eh?"
"eh, man, you remember me?"
"you remember that shit you said?"
"well, paybacks a bitch!"
(4 gunshots)
"mmm, motherfucker, let's go man."
"hold up, man, he's still alive, man."
(5 gunshots)
"die motherfucker, damn!"
(1 gunshot)
"shoot the motherfucker again, man"
(1 gunshot)
"aw, shit."
(2 gunshots)
"shoot him again, man."
"ahahaha. ahahah."
(3 gunshots)
"motherfucker's still alive man"
(3 gunshots)
"die, man."
(1 gunshot)
"aw shit, let's get the fuck out of here, man"
"ahhhh! ahahahaha!
The wicked clowns will never die!!!!!
Hahahahah, bitches."

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