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Everybody Has A Dream, lyric by Joel Billy

from the songs album The Stranger

While in these days of quiet desperation
As i wander through the world in which i live
I search everywhere for some new inspiration
But it's more than cold reality can give
If i need a cause for celebration
Or a comfort i can use to ease my mind
I rely on my imagination
And i dream of an imaginary time

I know that everybody has a dream
Everybody has a dream
And this is my dream, my own
Just to be at home
And to be all alone...with you

If i believe in all the words i'm saying
And if a word from you can bring a better day
Then all i have are these games that i've been playing
To keep my hope from crumbling away
So let me lie and let me go on sleeping
And i will lose myself in palaces of sand
And all the fantasies that i have been keeping
Will make the empty hours easier to stand


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