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Get Back Down, lyric by John Wesley Harding

from the songs album Why We Fight

I know you think that you are perfect
So fred astaire, so joan of arc
I see the light that shines around you
And leaves you standing in the dark
'cos you're in debt up to your eyeballs
You've no idea how much thing cost
You're so high on higher purpose
You don't know what you've lost
You don't know what you've lost
And you should get back down

You get so proud because you're humble
You cut off truth from what is true
You'll blame your problems on anything
Except you
You don't take criticism easy
I see those handfuls of hair
And when some poor fool attempts to
You get up on your high horse, yeah, of course
You get up on your high horse
And you should get back down

You say no-one can kill a notion
Then watch one bleed to death each day
Say it once, and say it with emotion
But watch what you say
'cos you'll hate something on a monday
Tuesday you love it out of fear
You're blind by wednesday with your head in the clouds
You say"it's heaven up here"
Weekends, it's heaven up here
Well, you should get back down

You know if jesus was a rent boy
Then god was his pimp
The people in power they squeezed him
Until he went limp
If the new messiah called here
First, we'd put him on hold,
Get him a deal and a good-looking haircut
We'd make him look less old
Less good and less old
Tell him to get back down

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