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Outta Here, lyric by Kenny Chesney

from the songs album When the sun goes down

Lets leave town on a permanent vacation.
Lock up the house, pack up the station wagon.
Make paradise our final destination.
As long as we're outta here.
There ain't no time like the president say.
Lets cruse all the way down A 1 A.
Put the top down and catch a few rays.
And baby we'll be outta here.
Anywhere you want to go.
As long as there's sunny weather.
Let the time fly by, I don't mind.
As long as we're together.
South of the border there's a place I know.
Where James Taylor sang about Mexico.
And the sun's so hot, we'll forget to go home.
And baby we'll be outta here.
Maybe drive to the country,down to the lake.
See if the catfish are jumpin', set out bay.
And if we come up dry, we'll just sleep in late.
At least we'll we outta here.
As long as we're outta her.
Baby, lets get outta here.
Outta here.
Come on baby, lets get outta here.
Cruse down A 1 A.
Go hang out in Key West for a little while.

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