by John Lars Zwerenz

John Lars Zwerenz

In the mists of the fall
I can still recall
A maiden whose face
Was fashioned with a grace
That came from a hallowed, sacred place.

Her eyes were dark, and her hair was long,
And her name was of a moonlit song
That ascended with an angel's gentle pace
To parapets, gilded, wrought with gold,
That glittered like a rivulet's somnolent race,
Down a furrow clad with the new and old.

She lived up high, in the tower of a bastion,
Which wavered in the light, with my starry eyed passion,
Whenever I would drink from her tresses of wine -
Her burgundy's bliss, of a timeless time,
Which tasted like redolent, poignant rhyme,
Whispered in the wind, when cathedral bells chime,
In an age when our kisses were hers - and mine.

Now her kiss is gone, and the baleful waves
That have drown her name in echoing graves
Still sing, still sing, of her gentle grieving,
Of my heart which lingers, leaving, leaving
This weary old world, transformed into grief -
As I wander as a weary, wan, dead leaf.

John Lars Zwerenz


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John Lars Zwerenz (1969- ) is an American impressionistic poet. He is considered one of the most important new literary figures in the world, both internationally and in The United States. He has published seven books of poetry, all of which have risen dramatically in price since their original publication. Zwerenz owns a B.A. in English from The City University Of New York At Queens College and has traveled extensively throughout The United States and overseas as a kind of literary wanderer. He has held a bohemian reputation since his youth. Zwerenz's two most recent poetry books, "Ecstasy And Other Poems", released in December of 2016, and "Elysian Meadows", released in February of 2017, have been published by ATLA Publishing, based in The UK. His poems have also appeared prolifically in International Magazines and other anthologies. Zwerenz's poetry is often highly spiritual in nature. His verse almost always adheres to strict, metrical stanzas. He currently resides in The United States, and is 48 years of age., - Rachael Canter

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