Heart Shaped Box

by Jerry Buckley

One long stemmed rose should infer indifference
toward these my joys in you discovered.
Nor boxed up dozens, in special arrangement,
from one beloved sent to another.

This store bought card, such cliché unfolds,
envelops mute appreciations
for all you've encountered, were the whole story told;
all the trials and the tribulations.

One heart shaped box thumps redundantly true,
in piques and pulses until it's sore.
Long past searching for anything novel or new,
it lays daffodils at your door.

Jerry Buckley's picture

Jerry Buckley is a commercial truck agent residing and working in middle Tennessee. He is a high school and collegiate soccer official, and home brewer. He and his wife enjoy travelling together and experiencing other cultures. He enjoys the outdoor life, reading, music, and impressionistic art.

Last updated October 20, 2015