by Julie Ackerson

The cold air beats at my window,
But I refuse to let it in.
I bury myself deeper in my blankets and close my eyes.

As I drift off, I can hear the thundering sounds from the outside,
But they can’t get me.
They will never be able to get in.

I have something that they don’t.
They envy me and mock me for what I have,
But I still won’t let them in.

It lingers in my soul, refusing to let go,
And I know,
That I will never give in.
They will never get in.

Things Unseen

Julie A. Ackerson's picture

Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to be a writer. I have always loved the thought that my words matter. I have always loved the idea of writing what I could never say out loud. I was shy, I was sad, and worst of all, I knew it. My notebooks were my prized possession. Each one had it's own personality and when I needed a friend, I knew that I would always have one. Over time, and as technology evolved, those notebooks turned into files and those files turned into folders and then I realized that the internet existed. I could not only write whatever I wanted, but I could share it with the world. I could do anything; I could be anyone. And that's how I turned my dreams, into reality. My name is Julie, and this is my dream.

Last updated October 29, 2015