The Grove

by John Lars Zwerenz

John Lars Zwerenz


Far from the city, the towns,
The statues in the square,
I strolled to a grove of chestnut browns;
Butterflies glimmered in the summer air.
There were gourds which gleamed
Where I beheld the gods of old;
Hermes and Osiris appeared in garments of gold,
And in the rays of Phoebes I dreamed.
Ascending with the tremulous stars came Artemis;
I laid my head in the dew-clad grain.
I awoke to the moon, and I strolled down a rustic lane.
I passed by the vine clad lattice of a wooden trellis.
Suddenly a storm arose, consuming the wild sky;
Fair, beloved Iris commingled with my muse,
And with a rhapsody of varied hues,
Painted bowers within my verse,
Until my ink-well went dry.

John Lars Zwerenz

Visionary Wanderings by John Lars Zwerenz

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John Lars Zwerenz (1969 - ) is an American born poet. He was born and raised on New York's Long Island in 1969 and published his first book of poetry in 2011. After graduating from New York's Queens College with honors in English Letters, Zwerenz quit graduate school in favor of a life of travel and adventure. Most of the verse which made up the bulk of his later published volumes was composed during this period. Zwerenz's poetry, although traditionally romantic in character, differs from his romantic precursors, such as Byron and Keats, in that he prefers literal rhyme rather than metaphoric expression. Much of his earliet published poetry (such as "Selected Poems" 2011) was written in places such as London and Paris. Zwerenz has a very bohemian reputation, and his private life was always fraught with dramatic vissitudes in mood and behavior. Zwerenz is currently the official poetry writer for Emage Magazine, an international arts publication. He now resides in The United States and is in his mid forties. - Rachael Canter

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