High Attainments

by Cotton Mather

Cotton Mather

To mee to live , it Christ shall bee,
For All I do, I'l do for Thee.

My Quaestion shall bee oft beside,
How thou mayst most bee glorified!

I will not any creature love ,
But in the Love of Thee above.

Thy Will I shall embrace for mine ,
And every Management of Time
Shall please mee (V.) A Conformity
To Thee, shall bee my Aim and Eye .

Ejaculations shall ascend,
Not seldome from mee. I'l attend
Occasional Reflections , and
Turn all to Gold that comes to hand.

And in particular, among
My Cares, I'll try to make my Tongue ,
A Tree of Life ; by speaking all
As bee accountable who seall.

But last, yea, first , of all I will
Thy Son my Surety make, and still
Implore Him, that Hee would mee bless
With Strength , as well as Righteousness .

Last updated April 01, 2023