'Like a warm brain bath.'


'No such thing as work without words.'


Someone exclaimed then explained this quote to me and I'm passing it towards you.
I thought it a beautiful and extremely interest peaked.

'Thigh Yow!'
-An old Negro saying for 'I put a spell on You.'

Interesting quotes

'There is a curiosity in Art that I have not felt.'


'Hysterical Grandiosity to perpetuate Illuminosity.'


'I'm not speaking a loud, it's only my preemptive thoughts concentrating on voice overs.'


' Suspicion Inquiring minded questions that eradicate freely out of your mouth.'


'Do you believe that if the world were shaped like salt and pepper shakers, and if someone were to pick Us up, shake out what remained, we would already stay walking next to each other.?'

Life Too

' Would a sky dry up if there were absolute, no rain; To mix in? How would we breathe?'


"Cursing.? A work in progress."

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