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Adisa Bašic (1979) is an award-winning Bosnian poet and a journalist. She is Assistent Professor of Poetry and Creative Writing at the Sarajevo Faculty of Philosophy. Her story To Survive Hitchhiking (Kako preživjeti auto-stop) was featured in a compilation of stories that won the UNESCO competition Bun(t)ovna p(r)oza in 2001. In 2016 she was a writer in residence at Museums Quartier in Vienna and was awarded Berlin Fellowship by the Academy of Arts in 2018. She published four collections of poetry Eve’s Sentences (1999), Trauma Market (2004), A Promo Clip for My Homeland (2011) and Motel of Unknown Heroes (2014). Her poems have been included in all recent anthologies of Bosnian poetry. Until Tomorrow, Then: Stories about Love and Marriage (2017) is her first prose book.. For the poetry collection A Promo Clip for My Homeland (Promotivni spot za moju domovinu), she received the Literaris Bank Austria 2012 award.
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