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Annie Dillard is an American narrative poet and nonfiction writer, novelist, and critic. She has published over ten works, including An American Childhood (1987), Teaching a Stone to Talk (1982), The Living (1992), For the Time Being (20oo), and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Pilgrim at Tinker Creek (1976). Best known for Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. her Pulitzer Prize-winning narrative on nature and etemity, Annie Dillard writes fiction and nonfiction, as well as poctry, that explores abstract and sensory phenomena, the role of the artist in society and the creative process. The poems gathered in Tickets for a Prayer Wheel, first published in 1974 and with a new foreword by Michael Collier, demonstrate that the concerns of the author have not changed since she was in her twenties. Often commended for their precise immagery, her poems speak of the love between people, storytelling, and poetry's form.
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