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Bronwen Wallace (1945 – 1989) was a Canadian poet, short story writer, essayist and activist. She was recognized in the last decade of her short life as a major Canadian poet and a significant figure in the growth of the feminist movement. She is the author of five collections of poetry and a book of short fiction, including Marrying Into the Family (1980), Common magic (1985), The Stubborn Particulars of Grace (1989) and Keep that Candle Burning Bright, and other poems (1991). Most of her books have been out of print for decades. Wallace worked in a range of poetic styles in a voice as intimate as a conversation between friends. As an essayist, Bronwen Wallace notably published The Exploitation of Experience: Some thoughts on the study of literature (Hogtown Press, 1971) as well as Arguments With the World: Essays, an essay edited by Joanne Page (Quarry Press, 1992). She also published, in collaboration with Erin Moure, Two Women Talking: Correspondence 1985-1987, a conversation that revolves around feminist theories.
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