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Djelloul Marbrook’s book of poems, Far From Algiers, is the 2007 winner of Kent State University’s Stan and Tom Wick First Book Prize in poetry. It was selected by Prof. Toi Derricotte of the University of Pittsburgh and was released in August 2008, His short story, Artists Hill, won the Literal Latté K. Margaret Grossman Fiction Award in the spring of 2008. His poems appeared in Solstice (UK) and Beyond Baroque (California) in 1969. While continuing a lifelong study of poetry, he stopped writing poems until Sept. 11, 2001, when he began walking in Manhattan and writing in an effort to come to terms with the nihilism of the terrorist attacks. Recent poems have been published by The American Poetry Review, Oberon and The Ledge (New York), Perpetuum Mobile and Attic (Maryland), The Country and Abroad (New York) and Arabesques Literary and Cultural Review (Algeria), in which the title poem of his book, Far From Algiers, was first published, and Istanbul Literary Review.
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