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Effie Lee Newsome was an African-American poet and a Harlem Renaissance writer born in 1885. She published her first and only volume of poetry Gladiola Garden in 1940. Upon becoming a poet, her works have appeared beside that of Langston Hughes, Frank Horne, and Countee Cullen in the NAACP's Crisis magazine. Newsome was a pioneer in children's literature. She was one of the first African American poets whose body of work consisted primarily of poems for children but also for Nature. She also wrote poems for adults, which were included in The Poetry of the Negro Anthology in 1949. Also the impact of Newsome's religious background is displayed in some of her writings, such as "O Sea, That Knowest Thy Strength," "Exodus," "Night of Great Holiness," "The Wind's Christmas Story," and "He Will Come Back at Easter," plus others. Effie Lee Newsome died in 1979.
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