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Elizabeth Akers Allen was an american poet and reporter. In 1855, using her pen name Florence Percy, she published her first book of poetry, Forest Buds from the Woods of Maine. She started contributing poems to the Atlantic Monthly in 1858 and in 1866, she published her second collection, Poems, under the name of Elizabeth Akers. She is best known for the first couplet of her sentimental poem Rock Me to Sleep, Mother and which was written during her European sojourn and first published in 1859 in the Saturday Evening Post of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Though it is not considered her finest work, it was very popular during the American Civil War. For several years, she was on the editorial staff of the Portland Advertiser. She wrote for most of the leading magazines, and several editions of her poetry books were published. She later resided in Ridgewood, New Jersey for several years.
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