How could we ever write without a name? Fiction without friction is not part of literature, or at least, a part of other aspects.

Do not end the friendship but get over with the lover.

As a straight female, I am respecting the queer community with such professionalism I am with them no matter what. That is my stand

The religious community respects them, and so are the others then why do people keep on making them unhappy. They are worth a story, may it be short or long, they are. And I appreciate them.

I am not poor in my imagination and wisdom.

Words are never enough to lead a nation.

'Poetry is food for the soul'

Music, lyrics and words
Caresses our souls
Reaches through time and space
To create that moment.
When we laugh, cry, or just smile
forever etching the Moment Captured! ©

Life is a myriad of unfulfilled and forgotten memories, which replay themselves nightly in vivid detail.

Life is as the Seasons' of the calendar. At times full of Life, at others cold and foreboding. What is certain is that one will never overpower the other. Each may have a hold however never a firm grasp.

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