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Forrest Gander, born January 21, 1956 in Barstow, is an American poet, university professor and member of the Academy of American Poets, of which he was one of its chancellors elected in 2017. Born in California and raised in Virginia, Forrest Gander studied geology at the College of William & Mary and creative writing at San Francisco State University. From 1988 to 2023, he has published twelve poetry collections, two novels, a collection of essays and English translations of works by Pablo Neruda, G?z? Yoshimasu, Coral Bracho and Jaime Saenz. Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Science, Forrest Gander won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his collection Be With (2018).
Gander is also a translator, novelist, essayist, and the editor of poetry anthologies. He has translated collections by the Mexican poets Pura López Colomé and Coral Bracho. With Kent Johnson he translated Bolivian poet Jaime Saenz’s “Immanent Visitor: Selected Poems of Jamie Saenz" (2002) and "The Night” (2007), for which he won a PEN Translation Award. His translations of Neruda are collected in “Then Come Back: The Lost Neruda Poems” (2016) and included in “The Essential Neruda: Selected Poems” (2004). He also edited the bilingual anthology “Mouth to Mouth: Poems by Twelve Contemporary Mexican Women” (1993). Gander’s own poetry has been translated into several languages. He has published two novels, “As a Friend” (2008) and “The Trace” (2014). He has taught at Providence College, Harvard and is currently a professor of comparative literature at Brown University.

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Sure, art doesn't save anybody the way a sack of rice does. But that doesn't mean it's worthless. There're plenty of ways of living in the world and among words and some of them are a fuck of a lot more predatory than others.

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