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John Morris Reeves (July 1, 1909 – May 1, 1978) was a British poet and writer, better known by his pen name James Reeves, primarily for his poems, plays, children's books, as well as his anthologies of prose and poetry and collections of traditional English songs. He was also a renowned literary critic in his country.
His first collection of poems, The Natural Need, was published in 1936 by the Seizin Press, run by Robert Graves and Laura Riding, whose work Reeves's early poetry sometimes resembles. Numerous further volumes by Reeves include The Imprisoned Sea (1949), The Talking Skull (1958),The Statue, and Poems and Paraphrases (1972). Collected Poems of 1974 is the fullest edition of his verses. His best work characteristically combines intensity of mood with an understated manner to distinctive and sometimes haunting lyrical effect. The rural descriptiveness of his less distinguished poetry is elsewhere the vehicle for an ironic pastoralism voicing his disaffection with urban modernity. His popular books of poetry for children were collected as The Wandering Moon and Other Poems (1973).

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