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James Laughlin, (October 30, 1914, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - died November 12, 1997, Norfolk, Connecticut) was an American poet, writer, essayist and publisher. In 1936, he founded the publishing house New Directions which will publish in its first anthologies works by Elizabeth Bishop, E. E. Cummings, Marianne Moore, Ezra Pound, Wallace Stevens, William Carlos Williams, Henry Miller, Tennessee Williams, Randall Jarrell, Karl Shapiro and James Agee, and Laughlin himself under the pseudonym of Tasilo Ribischka. After World War II, James Laughlin was recognized as a talent discoverer in American literary circles. The life of James Laughlin is intimately linked to his publishing house which made known those who were to become notable figures in North American literature, he resisted the wrath of puritan America, all social pressures to continue the dissemination of so-called Sulphurous or Subversive authors. He published numerous volumes of poetry including Some Natural Things, (1945), A Small Book of Poems, (1948), The Wild Anemone & Other Poems, (1957), Confidential Report and Other Poems, Gaberbocchus Press, (1959), and In Another Country, (1978).
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