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Lola Ridge (December 12, 1873 – May 19, 1941) was an anarchist American-Irish poet and editor of feminist and Marxist publications. She was born in Dublin, then lived in New Zealand and Australia before moving to the United States in 1907. Her first book, The Ghetto and Other Poems was published in 1918. The poem The Ghetto depicts the Jewish community of Hester Street in New York and bears comparison with the works of Charles Reznikoff. The book was well received by critics and led her to collaborate with avant-garde literary magazines. Subsequently, Lola Ridge publishes four other collections of poetry Sun-up, and Other Poems (1920), Red Flag (1927), Firehead (1930), and Dance of Fire (1935). She does not belong to any political party but her sympathies are with the anarchist movement. In 1916, she supported Tom Mooney and Warren Billings, two radical trade unionists, accused during a rigged trial of being responsible for the bombing perpetrated in San Francisco during a parade and which cost the life of ten people. She protested against the execution of Sacco and Vanzetti in 1927, which earned her an arrest. Her main political poems are collected in her third book, Red Flag, published in 1927.
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